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Pregnancy, labor and birth completely fascinate me. I regard Birth as the most sacred event in a persons life and feel absolutely honored to assist women in this right of passage.

My journey to midwifery began over 23 years ago with the birth of my first child. After receiving prenatal care at a local hospital I was left completely dissatisfied with the entire experience. The care was administered in a way that felt very "conveyor belt" like. I would wait hours to be seen in over crowded waiting rooms only to have short visits that lasted mere minutes. After making my concerns known to my family my father recommended that I research midwifery care and the rest is history. My visits were longer, I felt heard, was reassured and respected as a co facilitator of my own care and ultimately labored and birthed my daughter naturally at 14 years old. This experience changed me, I am obligated to help other women the way that I was helped. So I completed my Masters of Science in Midwifery at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in 2012.

Now in my 8th year of practicing midwifery I still get goosebumps when hearing the fetal heartbeat for the first time. I am astutely aware that I am in the presence of Divinity and I am humbled by the wisdom of nature and stand in reverence of this most glorious of processes.

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