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"Midwifery is my calling, birth is my passion, this work is my life."

-Midwife Mandy

My lifes mission is to empower women by guiding them to achieve positive natural birth experiences. When a woman has the courage to realize her dream of a natural birth and sees it through the sense of accomplishment that ensues follows her in her every endeavor! She is empowered, she knows that there isn’t a single damn thing that she can not do if she puts her mind to it and plows ahead. We are living in a time where this type of empowerment is needed now more than ever before. Woman have been stripped of their belief in themselves, the capability of their bodies, the strength of their minds! They are fearful, mistrusting and afraid. 

We have been told in no uncertain terms that the paternalistic model of care provided in the hospital is the only route to take. We can vividly recall images in the media of screaming, scrambling, sweating and frazzled women, wild eyes glaring at the frightened partner in the corner.  Many of us fear an experience we have yet to experience and seriously doubt our own will.  The average woman is struggling with serious self doubt. She may not even be aware that she has been effectively conditioned to fear birth, by well meaning friends and family, the medical industry and especially the media.  This fear continues to fuel the cold medical driven model of care that most women receive. There is little self reliance, all power is given to the one in the white coat, because in them, she believes she can place her trust. 

 Let me allay your fears, let me reassure you today, let me shout this from a roof top: “YOU ARE WHOLLY CAPABLE! “You just have not been given the tools, you have been intentionally robbed of your innate knowing! The ancient wisdom of woman is hidden in you, wisdom that every woman possesses. It need only be accessed and utilized. 

There is a deep and profound reverence and respect that I hold for the miracle of creating and bringing forth life. The process is nothing short of miraculous, there is no more fitting a description. 

In the pit of my gut I know that there will soon come a time when the demystification of the normal process of birth will bring to light a new generation of women. Fearless woman that are attuned to their bodies and that birth naturally without fear. 

Midwifery is my calling and my passion. I would love to help you in any way that I can to help you realize your dream of a natural birth experience.

My heart wishes for you Love and Light on this most sacred journey!

Amanda Mondesir LM, CM, MS

Masters of Science in Midwifery 

Board Certified practitioner nationally accredited by the American Midwifery Certification Board

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